3 Ways of Improving a Wine and Cheese Pairing Experience

What's not to love about parties? If friends, food, fun and drinks are some of your favourite words in the dictionary, then you have nothing to apologise for if you love parties. That said, everyone likes to attend or organise a memorable and unique get-together. However, if you have run out of ideas on the kind of parties to arrange or visit, then you should give wine and cheese pairing a chance. Nonetheless, it can feel a little bit intimidating if you have never been to a wine and cheese pairing event before. This write-up explores ways of improving a wine and cheese pairing party. Read on.

Keep Track With Notes

You should expect between 3–6 types of cheese and 4–6 different kinds of wines, depending on the number of guests that are expected to grace a wine and cheese pairing event. Therefore, if you know little about the different types of wines and cheese, it can be challenging to keep track of what you have had. For example, you might end up pairing wines and cheese that don't go well together and ruin the experience. Therefore, it is advisable to take notes diligently and constantly reference them. Notably, prior research is essential to establish the ideal wine-cheese combination types.

Don't Skimp on the Coffee 

Hosts of wine and cheese pairing events usually offer other accompaniments that go well with wine and cheese. The accompaniments include beverages like coffee. The reason is that hosts understand the sleep-inducing effects of taking wine, and coffee plays an integral role in counteracting those effects. Therefore, ensure that you drink a cup of coffee after every few glasses of wine. It will help you keep alert and enjoy the experience with other guests. Additionally, coffee helps to refresh the oral cavity so that guests are ready for a fresh round of wine and cheese pairing.

Take an Experienced Friend

If it is your first wine and cheese pairing invitation, then you cannot rule out the possibility of wrong pairing. It is common among newbies, and the best way to avoid that from happening is to go with an experienced friend or partner. The reason is that one type of cheese can go well with different kinds of wine or with a particular type of wine. The details can be overwhelming, intimidating and confusing for first-timers. For instance, goat cheese goes well with both Sauvignon wine and/or Riesling. A friend who knows their way around wine and cheese pairing events can give guidance and enhance your experience.

If you are ready to try something new, contact a company that offers wine and cheese pairing day trips.