What digital nomads should look for in accommodation

Digital nomadism is a huge working trend at the moment. For many people, a lot of their work is online. If you are a coder, a writer, or a graphic designer (just to name a few examples), what's stopping you from upping sticks and travelling the world while you work? After all, if you can work and get paid online, you don't need to be in one particular place.

Of course, there is a huge appeal to being in Bali one month and on the coast of Mexico the next, but there's also a lot to take into account when working on the road. One of the major things you will need to think about is accommodation, because you will no longer have a permanent home. These are a few things you should take into consideration while choosing long-term accommodation as a digital nomad.

Negotiate for longer stays. Running a hotel or a guesthouse is hard work. Hotel owners constantly have to greet new guests and clean up after them, plus there is the stress of wondering if you will have enough customers. Digital nomads typically stay at least a month in each location because it's too stressful to work and spend 2-3 nights in each place. Would a guesthouse owner be over the moon to have one person spend a whole month at their place? Of course they would! And that gives you a great amount of bargaining power. When you are looking for long-term accommodation, you can negotiate down to a lower rate, so do not be afraid to ask for the price you want.

Your home space is your office space. Something else to think about is that your accommodation probably won't just be a place to rest your head, sleep and unwind, but you'll probably end up doing a fair bit of work there as well, and this means that you need to look for accommodation that is not just your home but also your office. Things to look out for include appropriate power connections, a desk and comfortable chair and fast WiFi. Cities are likely to have co-working spaces, but if you are somewhere more remote, these kinds of features are essential.

Somewhere that feels like home. The freedom that you get from working on the road is incredible, but the feeling of being home is also something really important. That is something that will help you feel grounded and comfortable, even if you are somewhere where you don't speak the language and are exploring for the first time. For this reason, stark business hotels might not be the best for digital nomads. Somewhere that has some basic kitchen facilities so you can make a cup of tea and toast can make a huge difference to your quality of living. Also look for places with simple creature comforts like a mini fridge and a sofa as well as a bed.

Follow this advice and nothing will stop you from living the digital nomad dream.