Planning Tips for a Hot Air Balloon Birthday Surprise

There are a lot of ways you can enjoy a beautiful open landscape. Hiking, cycling, and off-road driving are some of the popular choices for taking in the great outdoors, but there's nothing quite like seeing nature's incredible beauty from above. And there's no more special, peaceful way to do that than in a hot air balloon.

Because they make such an unusual experience, hot air balloon flights are popular as a gift for a special birthday. Better still is surprising someone who has no idea they're going up in a balloon. If you're planning on buying someone an unexpected birthday hot air balloon trip, you'll need to put in some careful planning so the day goes perfectly.

What to think about when booking the balloon

Although you might be faced with a choice of routes when you start arranging the flight, this isn't necessarily the most important thing. All of the options available will cover lovely, picturesque areas, so there shouldn't be any problems there. Unless there's a specific part of the landscape the recipient is interested in, they'll be happy with whichever choice you make.

One of the things you should work out before booking is the number of people going along. If it's just the two of you, there's a chance you'll be sharing the basket with others, although there should be an option for private hire if you can afford it. If you want to have a larger group onboard, some balloons can take up to 20 people, but make sure you book early enough that this will be available.

What to wear

The temperature can be changeable once you get up in the air, so it helps to take a few lightweight layers you can put on and take off as needed. A hat and sunglasses are also useful in case the sun is shining brightly.

Make sure your surprise guest is prepared with all the clothing they'll need. You could either pack a bag for them in secret, tell them you're going for a long hike, or come up with some other way to prepare them without them suspecting a thing.

What to bring

You might want to pack something for lunch. It's best to stick to finger food that's easy to grab and eat as you need to, rather than anything that you'll need a knife and fork to eat. It's a good idea to take something to drink too – champagne is a popular choice for such special events.

Don't forget to pack a camera, too. You're guaranteed to have plenty of great shots!