3 Things to Know Before Using a Party Bus Hire Service

If you are planning a hens night, then you may be looking for the safest way you and your friends can have a good time. One way to ensure your safety for the night is to use a party bus hire service. This ensures that you have safe transportation to and from clubs, hotels and other stops on your hens night. Before you move forward with a party bus hire and think all party buses are created equal, there are some things you should know.

Plan for the Evening

The first thing you need to know before hiring a party bus is what your general plan for the evening is. You need to know what stops you plan on making, the clubs you plan on going to or the hotels you will be staying in. The reason this is important is because you may find that a party bus already has a bundle package that includes your plans. This can reduce the cost, give you discounts at certain locations and fit into your budget a bit easier than trying to handle it all on your own. This will also let the party bus company know where the driver needs to be for your hire needs.

Number Attending

Though there are always going to be last-minute changes, like someone being unable to attend due to work or other issues, you should have a general idea regarding how many people will be attending the hens night. This number is vital to know what bus style is best for your hens night and what options you can include on the bus. For example, your seating options will be different depending on the number of people attending. You may also have a bar included that will need to be stocked for the number of people attending. Having a reasonable idea of how many will be attending, even if it is an overestimation, will help.

Wet or Dry Options

Something you may not think is important is if your party bus will be wet or dry. What this refers to is the alcohol included on the party bus. If you choose a wet party bus, this will mean that you are choosing the option where alcohol is included. If you choose a dry option, then no alcohol will be included or allowed on the bus. However, some companies will allow you to choose a BYOB option, which means it is up to the party attendees to bring their own bottles of alcohol, and none are provided by the party bus.

These are only three of the key points you need to know before hiring a party bus. If you are ready to narrow down your party bus hire search to the right one for you, contact your local party bus hire service for pricing. They can help you with the right bus for your needs, scheduling and any packages they may offer for hens night tours.